Situated in a beautiful village at the foot of Mount Titlis, we are a family coffee roaster dedicated to high quality coffee.


The roastery on Dorfstrasse 9 in Engelberg is the small and relaxed heart of all our operations. Here we roast, package and prepare for deliveries. In the afternoon we open the doors to our shop and coffee bar. 


2pm to 6pm


Dorfstrasse 9, 6390 Engelberg

During our opening hours, you can come by and watch us roast, buy our freshly roasted beans or simply hang out for a coffee around the Engelberg map table and plan the next days tour.


Trying out different ways of brewing and experimenting with coffee is something we love sharing with our customers. This makes visiting the roastery more than enjoying a cup of coffee.


Our goal is to provide the best coffee experience in the Alps and make our customers as enthusiastic about coffee as we are. By sharing our knowledge and introducing you to new tastes, we aim to help you find your perfect cup of coffee.


Quality is essential throughout the coffee chain. With carefully sourced green coffee from Brazil, Burundi, Guatemala, India, Kenya and Peru, we have developed a set of roasts suitable for different coffee experiences, from dark espresso to light brews. 



Roastery Engelberg is a family business. Ragnar, father and lifelong coffee professional, introduced his children Oscar and Sophia to the world of coffee at a very young age.


Out on a sunny porch in the summer of 1994 he set up his small Probat for the first time and started roasting coffee samples from all over the world. Seduced by the smell of roasting coffee and the sound of beans cracking, the journey towards roasting coffee for a living began. 

Many years later the mountains, spectacular surroundings and world class skiing, brought them to Engelberg and in January 2015 they started roasting coffee in Engelberg. Soon thereafter the doors opened to the small roastery, shop and espresso bar.

Ragnar is a walking coffee encyclopedia. As a true entrepreneur, he brings the craziest and most exciting ideas to the table.

Sophia loves the outdoors, design and art. Being a free spirit she lives on coffee and is constantly chasing the perfect cappuccino.

Oscar is a former city worker who was drawn to nature. He loves any outdoor adventures and is looking for the best way to enjoy coffee outside.