excitingly smooth.

deliciously pure. 

perfectly energizing.


A couple of months before the summer of 2017 kicked off, we were playing around with the idea of developing the perfect after hike/ski Beverage. However, we had  a list of criterias that had to be fulfilled:

1) It had to contain what we do best; Coffee.

2) It had to be refreshing and energizing

3) It should at least stand a chance against a good old after hike/ski beer.


The result… Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, a deliciously smooth, refreshing cold brewed coffee, served from a beer tap.

It's brewed on a light roasted Yirgacheffe bean and prepared with ice cold water which reduces the bitterness and adds on caffein for that extra kick. When infused with nitrogen and served through a stout tap you get that energizing drink with a creamy foam. It pretty much looks like a Guinness but tastes like a smooth specialty COFFEE.


Our Nitro Cold Brew is served at the Roastery, at Tea Room Engelberg and at s´Buffet in Stans.


Dorfstrasse 9, 6390 Engelberg

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