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Early Bird - our newest blend

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

The Early Bird was carefully developed as a seasonal replacement for our Blue Bird, hence the summer edition of Hahnen on its label. Similar to Blue Bird, it is also roasted medium to light but has a slightly more complex body due to its composition of four different Arabica beans.

Named after those summer mornings in the mountains, heading towards that peak

you´ve been longing to conquer at the crack of dawn. As the old saying goes "the Early Bird catches the worm".

This medium/light roast perfectly represents that Early Bird reward. With sweet, caramel notes it gives you a delicious long black coffee to enjoy while watching the sunrise on that long sought after peak.

We definitely recommend it as a long black coffee, preferably prepared in a V60 or Chemex. However, it also makes a super smooth espresso for those who like a hint of acidity that doesn't linger too long.

If you are eager to try it, stop by the Roastery and pick up your 250g or 750g bag. Or you can order it here online and we will send it so it arrives at your door within a couple of days.


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