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Monthly Journal - July 2021

What has been going on lately at the Roastery | Papeterie? Well, you are now "surfing" our new website which just got released beginning of July. It's been Sophias project for the past Month (or two) and finally our virtual world presence truly represents our physical world when it comes to being a coffee, stationary and bookshop all in one shop.

Although we only present a small fraction of the physical shop (especially from the stationary and bookshop)... it at least gives you a teaser of what we have in stock at the moment, provides some ideas for last minute thoughtful gifts and hopefully makes you want to pop by our physical shop in person. Let us know what you think so we can improve any hiccups and make it even more user-friendly?

Here in Engelberg have been having quite a wet summer to start with. Heavy rain, thunderstorms and even landslides down the valley... Luckily we didn't give up on summer that quick and decided to set up a small outdoor space to enjoy your take away coffee in front of the shop. Now that the sun has decided to reappear it turned out to be a success. A perfect spot to enjoy our new summer drinks; Caffe Freddo and Cold Brew Tonic.


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