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Monthly Journal - February 2023

Already a month into 2023, time really does feel like it’s moving this year, but maybe that's just because there's been so much action in only 28 days! So the question is where to begin? Maybe where we left off last time... the never ending topic of snow (or lack of) during the winter months in Engelberg. January ended nicely with a proper snowfall and this month we also got lucky... we got more snow, more than we’ve seen in a while! It’s always such a treat to see a

wintery white Engelberg. While it was a little late this year, it really put everyone into a true winter wonderland mindset.

It didn't last all February which is always a bummer for the ski bums but lucky for our delivery driver who had dry roads by the time he came with 600 kilos of green coffee. Not always the case to be honest, we have often timed the refill of coffee with a big snow dump to all delivery drivers great pleasure.

The refill of coffee came much needed since Gusti has been a busy roaster this month. We are so thrilled with his efforts over the past month as he has been transitioning from pre-blended roasting to blend after roast. While the latter is a labour of love it allows him to have more control over the flavour profiles. So after lots of roasting, cupping and taste testing the different blends later we are all thrilled with the results and think Gusti has done a great job!

This Month we also had the pleasure of working with another talented taste profiler, Ski Lodge’s Chef Oscar. He helped us bring our coffee infused burger dreams to life while competing in this season's Best Burger in town BBIT! If you have been to Ski Lodge for after ski then you probably haven't missed the delicious Burgers. Every winter season local heroes, ski legends and/or randoms like us get to "design" their own Burger and have on the menu for two weeks in the BBIT competition. Our Burger was obviously coffee inspired and we just say an absolute delight even if you happen to not like coffee.

Last but certainly not least Engelberg got to celebrate Fasnacht again after the two year "pandemic pause" and no-one was happier than our one dedicated Fasnachtler and employee Annemarie. Could you spot her in the Umzug?

Although it was hard to understand this years motto unless your born and bred in Engelberg "Stockfeyschterinachthafäagfruirätä" it’s always such a treat to watch all the fun, creative and sometimes a bit provocative decorated wagons come down Dorfstrasse. All the confetti should be gone by now but don't be surprised if you find traces of Fasnacht up until Easter.


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