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Monthly Journal - January 2024

Updated: May 1

Can you believe it, Christmas and New Years has come and gone?! School is back in session and everyone has hopefully had some chill days to recuperate from the busy holidays season...

maybe even a few powder days to give you some mental clarity before going back to work? We had a big night time dump and cold temperatures making for multiple days of great snow! From freeriding to touring Engelberg became the place to be for faceshots and blue skies.

While town appeared to be going into its post holiday cool down, the shop had a different feeling. We were still running full steam ahead! With heaps of new products, online orders, and delivery it felt like the holiday season came to stay. Andrea made some special edition postcards for New Years and when we saw how much everyone loved them we decided it was time to expand our collection! So Andrea has been designing, restoring, and printing new postcards. Some are already up in the shop, and others are still being created!

She also found some great new goodies to add to the shop! We have rainbow erasers, unicorn pens, octopus stackable markers, new notebooks, and some postcards made out of grass paper, and so much more! Have you already come by and seen the new layout?

Gustaf has been in a similar busy boat! While the daily coffees have quieted down the roasting sure hasn't! Between sample roasting, cupping, and fulfilling orders he has been smashing it! With all this going on he still managed to roast enough coffee to last us while he went to the Algrano Direct Sourcing Bootcamp! During the course Gustaf learned about directly sourcing coffee, got to cup a range of different beans, and meet other roasters from England, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. How cool!

Sofia has also been spotted a lot more in the Kontor over the last few months with the barista courses really taking off! We have been so lucky to have such fun participants from Ski Lodge to some local legends who came to learn! It was so cool to see them progress, develop their coffee understanding, and of course their latte art!

So as we head into February lets hope for some big powder dumps, blue skies, and delicious coffees!

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Gusti told me that he was very good at cupping ... well, let’s just say a certain “upstairs” part of the female anatomy ... great to hear that he’s expanded his cupping abilities to include coffee!

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