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Monthly Journal - June 2022

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

So June just flew by and now we are really entering the high season summer months! In the Roastery its been busy even though June historically always is our slowest and calmest month. It has been calmer, yes, but thats pretty much only in the shop really. We tend to try and do everything to keep ourselves busy so that‘s what we‘ve ended up being!

Oscar decided it was time to update our packaging station and it has really turned out great as you can see in the video! More space, better flow and it also looks much nicer, thank you Holztechnik Bühler for quickly building and installing the new countertop 👍🏻

Another thing on Oscars to do list for June was to bring Gusti along and head down to Milano for the World of Coffee event and making a „minor“ detour to deliver coffee to the Furkablick! So what do you do at a World of Coffee event? You talk coffee with other roasters and coffee producers, find new nerdy coffee tools and trends and watch championships in different categories! Apparently the cupping championship was properly exciting… and a pretty hard line up! And yes there is ofcourse also a roasting championship and the picture to the left under shows you how its done… roast machines lined up in a row and monitors showing the roast curve. Well, you probably have to be a roaster or at least know something about roast profiles to find it interesting. All in all it was a very successful trip and always cool to meet equally enthusiastic (and sometimes even more exaggerated) coffee nerds! Maybe we’ll just have to go to next years event too.

While the lads were off exploring outside the perimeters of Engelberg, the ladies of the Roastery were busy preparing and stocking up for the summer holidays. School holidays means an increase in demand for good books, rainy day arts and craft stuff and of course coffee!! Andrea has done some proper scouting and found new cool sustainable brands for the Papeterie that are both developed and produced in Europe! She has herself of course also been developing and producing some new summer greeting cards so definitely worth a peek up in the papeterie while sipping your cappuccino!

Between baby-feeding and dog-walks, Sophia has been playing director and making everyone take part in her amatuer “Reel“ productions for Instagram. If you haven't seen any of them yet you better go check them out on our Instagram page… You could say they keep getting better and better. If it’s because of the producer or because of the actors we’ll let you decide.

Next up for us is the lovely summer season with long, warm evenings and happy bikers and hikers as customers! Do not miss the Sommerabend events taking place in Engelberg on four Friday evenings in July and August. Live music, open shops, tastings, kids activities etc… just a super chill atmosphere and stuff happening all around Engelberg!

Hopefully see you there!!


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