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Monthly Journal - March 2022

One quarter of a year has passed now and wow a lot has already happened in 2022. To keep it light and not touch any heavy subjects that concerns the world today (obviously talking about Will Smiths “Oscars” slap) we’ll try to just stick to the weather!! And can we all agree that it almost feels like we’ve had all season in just three months! If January and February were winter and spring then for sure March has been summer and autumn. Well, maybe not summer, but we’ve definitely had some shorts and T-shirt weather days (if you stayed in the sun) and its apparently been the driest March since first measures were made in 1864. Almost not a single day of rain (or snow for that matter) until these last couple of days.

So pretty much March has been filled with lazy days on sunny slope side terraces and regretting you wore that extra layer on your afternoon walk. All the snowcovered mountains slowly turned greenbrown, talabfahrt looked kind of sad with white patches of snow in between mudslides where Snowdrop and his other flower friends popped out of the ground in hope to kick start spring a bit early. But not so fast… winter aint over until we‘ve had a massive dump of snow again in April or May and by the looks of it… the first spring dump of snow is coming in this weekend.

Unless another Sahara sandstorm blows in again and turns everything red and orange like it did mid March. What a spectacle!! Watching 60 000 tonnes of sand come in over Switzerland really makes you appreciate living in a snowy country instead of a sandy country. On the other hand, good business for any car wash owner.

Apart from living through the occasional sandstorm and snowstorm, here at the Roastery | Papeterie, we are preparing for Easter! Traditional Swedish Easter eggs to fill with gifts and sweets are already out on display in the shop, Easter cards are in the making as we speak and we have treated ourselves to an early Easter present which will be revealed (and hopefully be running warm) at this years Engelberg Easter market on April 16th. Always worth a visit so hope to see you there!!


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