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The Roastery in Engelberg started as a passion project by siblings Oscar and Sophia in 2015.  There was no one else roasting coffee in Engelberg and the way they saw it, every village should have a local bakery, a local butcher, a local cheese shop and of course a local coffee roaster.  

Ragnar, their father and lifelong coffee professional, introduced them to the world of coffee at a very young age. Out on a sunny porch in the summer of 1994 he set up his small Probat and started roasting coffee samples from all over the world. Seduced by the smell and the sounds of beans, cracking, the journey towards roasting coffee for a living began. 

Starting on a 2kg machine in 2015, in a 25m2 shop in Engelberg, the business steadily grew. By 2019 the need for a bigger roast machine became  undeniable. As luck would have it the stationary and bookshop, a legendary institution of a shop , became available. There was finally room for a larger  coffee roaster. On 18th December 2019 the new Roastery | Papeterie on Dorfstrasse 9 in Engelberg opened its doors, a place where you can watch us roast coffee, browse through nostalgic books, shop high quality stationary or just come in for a coffee and a chat.

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