Papeterie & Shop

The papeterie veteran and original Ängälbärger who chose to stay onboard for the new Roastery | Papeterie constellation. Often spotted in the shop during weekdays with a couple of her stammgäste stopping by for a chit chat. Enjoys keeping track of all stationary orders, printing and pressing coffee bags on the Heidelberger and escaping to her Alp on the sunny side of  Engelberg every now and then.



Roastery & Shop

The long haired barista, roaster and in house musician. Often spotted at one of the machines wearing a papeterie cap, an eclectic animal print shirt and a pair of ornament earrings. Enjoys keeping track of what needs to be roasted, learning new papeterie words in german and enriching the Engelberg music scene... one gig at a time.


Co-Founder & Marketing

The non-bearded and blonde part of the sibling Co-founder duo of Roastery Engelberg. Often spotted behind the scenes in the shop with a coffee in one hand, a phone/camera in the other and with Hampi the dog following her around like a shadow. Enjoys creating new content, keeping the digital world up to date with anything new from the Roastery | Papeterie and filling up the bookshop with feminism and climate change.



Co-Founder & Finances

The bearded part of the sibling co-founder duo of Roastery Engelberg. Often spotted in the Roastery during weekends wearing patched up functional black clothes, practical shoes and some kind of seasonal headwear. Enjoys keeping track of the finances, taking care of our business customers and deliberately only goes skiing on weekdays... because he can.



Graphics & Shop design 

The artistic and creative better half of the bearded co-founder. Often spotted through the shop window of Kontor whilst working the Heidelberger letterpress or swiftly touching up the display in the papeterie with her magic hands. Enjoys being our in-house super designer, bringing the latest stationary trends to Engelberg and occasionally escaping the alp village to collect some big city inspiration.