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The papeterie and bookshop on Dorfstrasse 9 in Engelberg was founded by Robert Hess in 1888 and provided Engelberg and its guests with stationary goods, books, sports photography and souvenirs.


This local bookshop has managed to survive for over 130 years despite the fact that many independent bookshops fade away as a result of the internet boom and new technologies. Much is thanks to the Engelberg community dedicated to supporting local shops, but significantly because of  the unique assortment of Engelberg books and documents. 

A visit to an independent bookshop is always an experience and the bookshop in Engelberg is no exception. With a diverse selection of books, from bestsellers to antiques, historic novels to feminist cartoons and a classic, beautiful assortment of childrens books, its definitely worth spending an extra 15 min browsing our bookshop.

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