Roastery Engelberg is a family business. Ragnar, father and lifelong coffee proffessional, introduced his children Oscar and Sophia to the world of coffee at a young age. The sound of the beans roasting in the drum, the sight of the green coffee beans gradually turning brown and the smell of freshly roasted coffee inspired.


Many years later, the mountains, spectacular surroundings and world class skiing, brought us to Engelberg and in January 2015 we started roasting coffee in Engelberg. Soon thereafter the doors were opened to our small roastery, shop and espresso bar.


Ragnar is a lifelong coffee professional and a walking encyclopedia on anything coffee related; from farming to roasting. He is responsible for sourcing all of the great green coffee that we roast up in Engelberg and keeps us up to date with the crops, new varieties and processes. As a true entrepreneur, he brings the craziest and most exciting ideas to the table. 

Oscar is a coffee geek at heart and responsible for developing, improving and regularly testing our roasts. Loving his independent life, he hangs out in the roastery trying out new ways of preparing coffee and experimenting with new toys. Being a business major, he also does some number crunching and is an ace in finding new office clients. 

Sophia is the creative doer in the roastery and makes sure the design and layout is on point. Keeping track of all the operations and accounting