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The story behind Papeterie Engelberg

Many of you who have visited Roastery Engelberg in the past 18 months might have noticed a “small” change. Not only have we finally taken the leap and gotten a bigger roaster... We have also ended up with a beautiful new location which happens to be an over 130 year old stationery and bookshop in Engelberg. Our former next door neighbour shop and an essential part of the Dorfstrasse is now our new home and business.

Let's be honest, who hasn't dreamt of being a quirky bookstore owner, with a book in one hand, a cup of coffee in the other and who always seems to have the most random knowledge about every topic.

When the opportunity to take over this gem came, we just couldn't get the idea of an amazing combination of a roastery and a bookshop in one location out of our heads. Coffee, books, beautiful stationary and best of all... we could be that quirky, coffee slurping, trivial pursuit slayer of a bookstore owner.

In September 2019 we officially took over the former Papeterie Höchli, gently restored it and carefully merged this 130 year institution of a shop with our 5 year old Roastery Engelberg.

The sum of it all is that the Book and Stationary shop in Engelberg lives on and will hopefully still be standing strong another 130 years hand in hand with the local coffee roaster!



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