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The perfect gift for a coffee enthusiast.

Give a loved one a 2.5h coffee experience and combine it with a fun day in the mountains. In the Giftcard is a booking code that can be used to book a spot in any of our Barista Basics courses under the EVENTS section on our website or directly at the Roastery.  


Write a nice message and get it sent directly by Post to you or your loved one.



  • A hands on beginners Barista course for Gastro professionals or coffee enthusiasts who want to enhance their coffee making skills and knowledge. This 2.5 hour course consists of an Arabica vs Robusta tasting, an introduction to the espresso machine and basic barista and latte art skills.  

    Arabica vs Robusta tasting (45 min)
    - Introduction to coffee and coffee varieties
    - Arabica vs Robusta facts
    - Blind cupping of Arabica and Robusta.
    - Blind cupping blend with and without Robusta

    The Espresso Machine (45min)
    - Grind, tamp, hygiene and work flow
    - The perfect Espresso
    - The perfect milk foam
    - Most common coffee sorts

    Barista skills & Latte art (60min)
    - Putting it all together
    - Introduction to Latte Art
    - Time to practise
    - Barista skills test