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Monthly Journal - April 2022

Time for the April monthly journal and where do we start if not on April 1st. It is after all quite a spectacular day if you like practical jokes and fooling your friends. Well, this year around we got a proper April fools surprise in the morning when we woke up to a snow-covered Engelberg! April definitely living up to the renowned “April weather” or the german saying “Der April macht was er will” already on the first day. It however turned out to be a highly appreciated Aprils fools if you ask anyone out skiing then or any of the following days. It wasn't the last snow of the month though, April decided to leave us with a small refill before rounding off the month. Luckily all our winter clothes weren't packed away for the summer. Winter usually tends to have a somewhat dragged out going away party here in Engelberg, so its not over until its really over and the cows are actually grazing on the alps!

Other than the snow comeback we had some pretty funny April fools on Camels here in Engelberg! Engelberg Titlis had some fun implying the need of Camels on the mountain after the Sahara sandstorm last month which left the mountain orange stained and Bärghuis Jochpass offered patronship for some Camels they were planning to have on the alp for the summer. In Switzerland in general the funniest were probably the Swiss Post going out saying that they will change their official color from yellow to green and Tages-Anzeiger had some fun reporting that „tiny-house„ sky scrapers are being planned in Zürich. We found them all pretty funny although we have to admit its hard to beat the Spaghetti tree joke from 1957.

Leaving Aprils fool pranks until next year and moving on to the biggest happening this month... we finally got to experience an Easter Market again on April 16th after being on hold for two years due to the pandemic. Sophia was baby free for the day, brought her delicious cinnamon buns to sell and got right back on track serving cappuccino after cappuccino all day long on our new event machine. Perfect market weather, lovely people and great band music playing on the streets during the day! Cool to see that so many turned up for the Easter Market, both stands and guests!

Well now we are getting closer and closer to the official ski season closing which means that we are in full preparation for the Summer Season. We have some exciting new coffee coming soon and also getting closer to the comeback of our Early Bird blend! Hiking, biking, trailrunning and climbing season is here and yepp we are ready for it… even if that means saying Goodbye Winter, until next time!


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