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Monthly Journal - April 2023

April came and went and as always "macht was er will". We had beautiful sunny days over Easter but after that mostly a potpurri of everything. For a while it seemed like the winter that never really fully came, actually came to stay in April and gave us some nice powder days.

Overall April has been quite a pleasantly calm month and it's safe to say that the big event of the month was the annual Engelberg Easter Market! This is one of our favourite events to be apart of. It's such a pleasure to see Dorfstrasse lined with so many talented local vendors coming together to share their expertise, passion, and products! There was a great atmosphere to the whole day and we especially loved that BRAXS came to play music for everyone who came.

This was also the first day that we had Early Bird back in stock after winter it's hibernation. We had it in the grinder outside on the market stand as our Americano Coffee and it was a success. This new version of the Early Bird roast has really made it essential for us to permanently have three grinders set up for our baristas: Sunny Side for the milk based coffees, Dark Side for espressos and macchiatos, and Early Birds for americanos.

As we are almost through with our last delivery of Single Origin Ethiopia we are searching for the perfect light roast replacement. This means the cupping from last month has carried on and Oscar, Ragnar, and Gustaf have continued the sample roasting and tasting through April! There have been so many delicious beans it's been hard to pick, but the three of them that made the final cut have our full confidence and we can't wait to see what you think! So that being said if you are looking to stock up on last of our Ethiopia before it gets replaced... now is the time!

It's not just the taste masters that have been busy though, Andrea has been optimising the Papeterie side of things. With new postcards, posters, and new double card designs, she has kept Annamarie, Martina, and India busy, printing, cutting, and packing! With all of us being busy stocking up and prepping for the next season in April, we are looking forward to May with our new speciality coffee on the shelves and a new selection of cards!

We are also really excited to be a part of the May 13th Erlebniswelt Energie und Klima! A big event initiated by Kanton Obwalden for the World Climate Civility Day. The Roastery will of course be there! We will be in the Kursaal making coffees with members from the Engelberg Sustainability Group. The group was put in charge of the food and beverage concept for the day and will be there selling baked goods to raise money for upcoming projects. We can't wait to see you all there and see what else May has in store!


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