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Monthly Journal - August 2021

Another summer month passing by but it still hasn't really felt like real summer has kicked in yet. We have had some nice, warm and dry days though (even if you can pretty much count them on one hand) and on those days we of course kept the camera ready to snap photos like this one from Bannalpsee:

AND the weather gods were kind enough to spare us from rain for three out of the four "Sommerabende im Dorf" which was a true success. Live music in the streets and people strolling up Dorfstrasse in the sunset definitely contributed to a much longed for summer vibe in town.

(If you missed Gusti playing at the Roastery, you can check out the video below or just make sure to not miss a Gusti Gig next time. He has a pretty darn good voice.)

Now of course we are looking forward to a super nice, warm and magical autumn and it actually hasn't started off too bad. Guess you get either - or, a nice summer or a long warm autumn.... especially after the super snowy winter we got spoiled with this year.

Well, enough about the weather although it has been a "hot" (actually rather cold) topic this summer. At the Roastery | Papeterie there is always something going on and in August, not only is it summer high season, but we really start most of our planning for the winter season. We have already restocked on the Stoneware cups that got sold out way too quick last time and this time we took in an additional size... the medium sized cup; Cappuccino, Café Creme or Filter coffee cup.

If you you are still searching for your favourite morning coffee cup, or know someone who is, then you might just be lucky. They have already become our favourite cups to drink from and just happen to look great on the breakfast table... which is a plus.

If you however need more of an outdoorsy, practical enamel cup, we have some news for you too. We just got the new design(s) of our Enamel cups delivered... They turned out amazing and we will soon spill the beans and put them out on display in the shop and here in our online shop.

Time flies and now we are moving in to the so called "low-season" in Engelberg. Although to be honest, we don't really see it as low season. There is always something going on here and something to prepare for so just nice with some calmer days in between.

Next up is the Engelberg Herbstmarkt on Sept 25th. We will as usual have a stand just outside our shop and serve coffee, some seasonal products (mostly cow themed due to Alpabzug) and of course coffee beans. The cows will unfortunately not be parading through town as usual this year due to Covid-restrictions but we will stick to the cow theme anyway.

Save the date and see you then :)


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