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Monthly Journal - December 2021

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas month and definitely the busiest time of the year is now over. What a month it has been. Snow in the village, happy customers, a lot of roasting and a new star in our Roastery | Papeterie team. As some of you might have noticed, we have been one woman short this Autumn since co-owner Sophia produced an offspring just in time for the busy season. All went well and the little one is now entertaining Sophia at home until February. This meant we had to find a new star for our team and lucky us, we found a good one. Welcome to the team Martina!! A further introduction will come soon :)

December always tends to fly by, most likely because it is so busy in town. The lights in all the holiday homes in Engelberg are lit, Dorfstrasse is full of Christmas shoppers and the snowy trail around Eugenesee is full of dog poop (Hampi, Sophias dog, claims his innocence). This year was no different and maybe even busier due to the nice weather and great conditions on the mountain. Here in the Roastery it sure was busy and full on work all of December. Thanks to some big holiday orders we really got the feeling that we were working in Santas Workshop. In other words, for us December pretty much means working a lot and leaving the stories of outdoor activities and adventures for our customers to share with us during an after ski coffee.

What we did have "time" for is however some walks around Engelberg and with all the snow in town it really gave us that christmassy feeling. Some walks around Engelberg are even lit up with lanterns in the evenings during December which makes it even more magical. Like the "Laterndliweg" past Oertigen and towards the small Hoflädeli Aeschboden where lanterns are lit every evening at 5pm throughout December. Definitely something to keep in mind to do in December for next year! A bonus is that you can have a hot drink at the Hoflädeli at the end of the road and then buy some yummy fresh eggs and homemade jams to bring back home.

Now we are ready for the new year and all that comes with it. If we have any New Years resolutions? Well pretty much the same as every year... trying to get at least some of our thousand new ideas and projects into action. Who knows what 2022 will bring? One thing is for sure, we are definitely excited and will do our best to keep you updated here.


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