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Monthly Journal - December 2022

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Last month of the year and why not start by summing up the whole year 2022 to begin this monthly journal? It has definitely been a memorable year for many reasons. First and most noticable is that we finally got to go back to "normal" business after 2 years of a pandemic and all restrictions and uncertainty it brought with it! We started serving coffee in regular cups again and not only take-away, we restored our window seats which only served as a book display during the pandemic and we finally got to deliver coffee to our amazing office customers again after a year of completely empty office buildings! All in all its been a year of slowly transferring back to "normal" and all that comes with that.

This December has also been memorable for several reasons. Starting off well with a big snow delivery during the first week of December we had time to get some nice pre season powder runs, get into holiday spirit and start dreaming of a white Christmas. Almost until Christmas there was still hope and for our "Adventsfenster" on Lucia the 13 Dec the streets of Engelberg were still covered in snow. The Swedish crew with kids in Engelberg came to the roastery and joined our Lucia celebration with Gusti singing traditional Swedish Christmas songs and all the children dressed up as Lucia, Stjärngossar and Tomtenissar. A very cute celebration for both adults and kids!

Just before Christmas eve sadly almost all snow had melted or gotten washed away by rain! With record warm temperatures in the Alps it has almost felt more like spring and been somewhat strange to celebrate Christmas and New year. Poor snow conditions on the mountain and foggy/rainy days however meant that it was more tempting to stroll around the village than head up the mountain for skiing. In other words, its been packed in the village between Christmas and New Year and we have definitely had our busiest Holiday season ever! Our team, being extraordinary as usual, always have friendly smiles on their faces and somehow manage to keep their calm even during the infamous Christmas rush.

So now time for our New years resolution for 2023... Well, maybe not the most exciting resolution but its atleast an honest one... just to continue to do what we do best and take good care of all our amazing customers. Simple as that but also what's most important!

We wish you all a great start in the new year and hope to see you in Engelberg this year too! Lets also hope we get some colder temperatures and snow refill soon so that the winter can start for real!


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