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Monthly Journal - December 2023

Updated: May 1

The countdown to the New Year has begun!

December started off with a bang! We went from longing for the start of the season to suddenly everything being open... some said it was the best powder start in years! The locals made sure to take full advantage! Some noteworthy tracks were spotted on Zieblen, Galti, and the Rundtour! So while people were finding their ski legs they were also drop cliffs, skiing big lines, and opened traverses for the rest of us. The store became filled with the sound of ski boots and powder stories which created an infections adventurous atmospheres for everyone. Did you enjoy the fluffy white stuff too?

With it technically never being to early to start holiday prep, we hit the ground running. We prepared the gift wrapping station and filled the store with all sorts of new items as we went. Our Sunny Side Milk Chocolate sold out in record time and we will make sure to tell you the second the new order is in and packaged! We also made sure to have our new Geisha coffee ready and on the shelves for everyone to enjoy!

Have you tried it yet? This fully washed Panama Geisha has a tea body with delicious peach and jasmine notes. It's become a top choice for Gustaf.

In other coffee news, as 2023 comes to an end, so does the Christmas Blend. Don't be sad. You know what that means? The Blue Bird is flying BACK for the rest of the winter! So for all those that have asked, it wont be long until the blend is back on the shelves and in the grinder. With this bitter sweet news in mind make sure to stock up on the Christmas Blend while it's still here!

So what's to come? A heap more barista courses! We are so excited about our new setup and how great the first classes went. Sofia has found she really loves the process of teaching others through her hands on approach and sharing her passion for coffee! It's been great to see the interest in the courses, the growth of understanding, and the latte art coming out of this two hour course. We are even more pleased that everyone has been leaving feeling more confident in their own coffee abilities.

What a year it's been! We can't wait to see what opportunities arise in 2024. We wish you all the best in the new year and are excited to see you there!


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