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Monthly Journal - January 2022

New year, new projects. January started off pretty hectic with a huge order that kept all of us putting in some extra hours. Either roasting, printing bags, packaging and not to forget... baking snacks to keep the energy level up. Normally there is a thing called the "January-Loch" here, when it calms down and actually becomes pretty quiet during a couple of weeks in January. This year we really haven't had that. Maybe due to good snow and good weather or maybe the whole Covid-homeoffice situation making it possible for more people to stay here in paradise longer...? AND now there's even a Co-working space here in Engelberg so you don't have to sit in your tiny holiday apartment or hotel room with bad internet. Why not check it out?

So, once the big delivery was done, we could all breath out a bit and spend some time in the mountains. Then back to business... Annemarie and Andrea headed off to scout new Papeterie products whilst Gusti and Oscar were busy test roasting new coffee for our Blue Bird which is now back in stock. This time around we have had to change the Blue Bird slightly due to green coffee availability. It is still a 100% Arabica blend but now with Peru beans instead of Burundi beans and mixed with a natural Brazil. To be honest, it turned out even better than last time. It is still a medium roast with a sweet aftertaste perfect for a modern espresso or that lovely long aromatic morning cup of coffee.

Definitely worth a try!

Although Blue Bird was the main focus in January, we have also been busy trying to get the hang of the amazing Geisha beans. You can ask Oscar and Gusti how its been trying to get the hang of roasting these exclusive beans... Not only is every roast nerve wrecking since the beans are so expensive, but they are also not the easiest to roast which kind of adds to the excitement. Definitely a "to be continued" story but soon we'll be ready to launch our Geisha... next to do is just figuring out a beautiful packaging to go with these tasty, flowery beans.

So overall this whole "Januar- Loch" phenomenon was probably more noticeable before the digital age...when online shops and Zoom meetings weren't such a common thing. Work-life blending has really become the new norm here and makes places like Engelberg much more attractive for many people. Good for us since it keeps us and the village busy. We´ll just have to enjoy our Mondays and Tuesdays off a little extra instead :)


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