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Monthly Journal - January 2023

First month of the year and so far we can really call 2023 a good year. Okay, we might have had a bit of a snow drought during the first few weeks of the year, but finally we got a solid refill! Just in time for the annual "Januar-Loch" when we actually have a little more time to ski when it calms down after the busy Holiday season. Although, in recent years January hasn't really lived up to its reputation of being "calm". Well, if you compare it to the Christmas and New Years then of course it's somewhat calmer, but in general January has become one of the busy months of the year and the village is full of happy skiers. Especially now that we got that much needed refill of snow.

So here at the Roastery we thought it would be fun to kick start the new year with not just one, but three new coffees on the shelf. First up was our Single Estate Ethiopia, an important component to the Sunny Side Blend and just too delicious, so we had to make it our new light roast. Then we have our Costa Rican coffee where the bean is anaerobically fermented, honey processed, and then lightly roast by Gustaf! What does anaerobically fermented and honey processed mean, you might ask? Well, first the beans including the pulp are left to ferment in a sealed tank instead of in water (washed beans) or in the sun (natural processed beans). This is the so called anaerobic fermentation. The Honey process comes in as a second step during the de-pulping of the beans and when they are left to dry. In the "Honey process" part of the fruit flesh around the beans are left during the drying phase to give extra honey-like sweetness to beans.

So, with that very short brief on different ways coffee can be processed before it is even possible to roast the beans, you notice how versatile coffee can be. But the way the beans are processed doesn't alone have an impact on the taste and intensity of the bean. The roasting is of course a very important step. Generally speaking, the lighter you roast, the more natural sugars and oils remain in the coffee. If you haven't yet tried a proper cup of light roasted coffee, then it is definitely time to do so. The taste experience is completely different makes the coffee much more comparable to a fine tea than a dark roasted espresso. To sum it up, if you are looking for a new coffee experience, we highly recommend you to try one (or both) of our new light roasted coffees.

We LOVE them and are super excited to have them on the shelves.

Last but definitely not least is our returning favourite, Blue Bird. This time around it happened to make a rather fitting comeback for the end of Januarys weather conditions. Lets hope it stays this way for a while and may February treat us with even more snow and sunshine.


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