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Monthly Journal - March 2023

We had another one, a day of lovely fluffy powder skiing! Every time we begin to accept that spring is here, Engelberg is covered with a blanket of fluffy white snow for everyone to enjoy. It's one of those years where being woken up to the sound of snow clearers really helps to get you out of bed.

The shop had a full makeover. It started with the very cute new notebooks Andrea picked out and then exploded into full Easter Mode with eggs and bunnies hiding all around the shop!

These particular Easter eggs to fill with presents and sweets were lovingly picked up and personally delivered from Sweden to Engelberg by Oscar and Sophia´s mum Anki! How she got everything into the car is a mystery, especially when you see the size of the big eggs. This year we of course also have some Andrea original greeting cards with adorable little bunnies on the front. The one here in the picture is quite a skilled violinist.

Other than Easter prep this has mostly been a big month for coffee! We have had so many samples of coffee to go though which means loads of sample roasting, tasting, voting, and then ordering. Good thing we had Oscar, Ragnar, and Gustaf to help us out! We set again learned that the most expensive beans don't necessarily make for the tastiest coffee. After an enthusiastic and very caffeinated day we were able to lock in our order. This is particularly exciting as Gustaf's corner of coffee stash was seemingly getting smaller and smaller by the day. With a speedy turn around we are all stocked up and got right to testing the new beans and planning the proportions for this years Early Bird blend.

So as March is ending it's nearly time for the Blue Bird to retire. It's been great having it back on the shelves but we have to admit, taste testing the Early Bird has gotten everyone pretty excited to have this as our new Americano recommendation not only on the shelves, but also in a grinder ready to serve!

To end the month we were lucky to have some of the forecasted rain come as very lovely snow to cover the mountains once again! What to expect for April...? Well, as the saying goes "April macht was er will" we can pretty much expect anything weather wise so maybe we'll have another winter comeback? Just hopefully not on Easter Saturday when the lovely Easter market is taking place on Dorfstrasse in Engelberg.

We hope everyone has a lovely Easter!


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