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Monthly Journal - May 2022

So Long Winter 2022 and Welcome Summer!

Although it hasn't really turned full on summer in Engelberg quite yet, we are insisting that it'll show up here soon. At the Roastery our tables outside are in place and the ice machine is on for those refreshing iced coffees. In Engelberg there has also been a lot going on to prepare for the summer season. Hike trails have been restored and secured and even a new Bike Trail Arena has been opened. The Trail Arena is located in the forest behind Hotel Bänklialp and was officially opened the 28th May with a big opening event where Gusti showed up and served coffee all day. A super fun event for all ages and really great to have a cool trail so easy accessible and close to the village!

In other words, we are definitely ready for the summer season now. Here at the Roastery we have also finally launched our Geisha, which has been test roasted since the beginning of the year… well it‘s maybe not only the test roasting that has taken time, also the package design (made completely in-house by Andrea and the old Heidelberger) took some time to develop. This special coffee really deserves a special packaging and we must admit we really think we nailed it… a rough, natural packaging with a feminine twist.

The coffee itself is truly amazing and actually reminds you more of a juicy tea when prepared just right. It has apricot notes and fills your mouth with a jasmine floral flavor. Because of its excellent but scarce crop it has become the Queen of speciality coffee making it somewhat more expensive… is it worth it you might wonder? Well, you won‘t know until you try it, but we can say this much, we would‘nt have it on our shelves if we did‘nt find it outstanding.

Interestingly enough it‘s also one of the few coffees in the world with naturally less caffeine (almost 30% less than most coffees) making it the perfect cup of coffee to enjoy in the evening. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the Geisha!

So another exciting thing is that we finally, after over 2 years, are serving our coffee in real cups again. Not only nice to actually see our customers enjoy our coffee in a normal cup again but also nicer for our planet when not producing more unnecessary waste! So if you come by now you can actually drink your Cappuccino in a porcelain cup, sit on our window bench in the shade and watch people pass on Dorfstrasse. Sounds like a pretty nice and chill „after bike„ to us!!


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