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Monthly Journal - May 2023

May started out with empty slopes and true spring skiing! The local Enelbergers had Stand and the Glacier almost entirely to themselves as we all enjoyed the last slushy laps... for now. On closing weekend Trübsee hosted their traditional end of season party with a DJ, food, and drinks to prepare everyone for the after ski at Ski Lodge. We want to thank both of them for helping everyone end the season with a bang! As the time came to wax and store the skies, and bring the mountain bikes and harnesses to the front of the garage, winter appeared to get a little jealous. Despite the already longer days and blooming flowers, May became more wet than we anticipated. However, it was seemingly great for the glacier as it added a little extra coverage for ski patrol before they finish fleecing!

Just like that it was time to prep the event machine and roll out! India, Gustaf, and Martina had a great time being apart of the Erlebniswelt Energie und Klima Event. We would like to say an extra thank you to the Kursaal Engelberg for hosting and helping us during the event, and the Sustainability Group for bringing the sweet treats! It was so fun to see all the people that showed up to take part and learn from the presentations!

The rain came and went and with it so did our Ethiopia Beans. The first batch of the new Peru Coffee has been roasted, stocked, and is ready to enjoy. We think this coffee is particularly cool for a few reasons, one being its pleasant combination of dark chocolate and fruity notes. Then there is where it's grown, at a higher elevation than Engelberg, 1600m to be exact. This small Fair Trade Farm is found in the Andean

Mountains of northern Peru and is run by Donna Abela. Once we have the green beans Gustaf then gently roasts them leaving us with a soothing high altitude treat perfect for any occasion! With all this sunshine and BBQ weather its a great addition to any rucksack.

June is minutes away and Gustaf has been prepping India for the cold coffees. He has been showing the ingredients as well as the extra shaking pizzazz that comes with the infamous Caffe Freddo! The other summer additions may have less flair, but don't be fooled, they are just as delicious on a hot summers day. Coffee Tonic, half Nitro Cold Brew half Tonic on ice, and the Kalt Kafi, cold brew, milk, and a little bit of sugar and made with the Engelberg Molkerei!

The drink prep has us thinking about the rest of June. The Eienwäldli-Fäscht where you can enjoy live music and dancing and Brunni's Naturholz-kugelpfad which is a great place to bring your young kids who are eager to explore! Then at the end of the month Fürenalp's barbecue area will be transformed into gourmet kitchens for all the local talented chefs to showcase their specialties at the Food Unplugged event. We can't wait to see what else June has in store!

For more information about the June events take a look at the websites below!

Eienwäldli-Fäscht: <>

Brunni's Naturholz-kugelpfad: <>


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