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Monthly Journal - November 2021

November, pretty much the darkest and dullest month of the year unless you live in a place like Engelberg. Here we have had the most amazing month and even got blessed with a big big dump of snow the last couple of days... we got our Snowember just as it should be. Always nice to see snow in the village in November and actually have it stay for more than a night. Also... a Snowember tends to give the slopes that perfect base for the season which is probably highly appreciated by all of you who bought new skis for the season.

Well its getting much, much closer to Christmas and we definitely have had some busy Santa helpers around the Roastery this month. Already mid November we had the annual Christmas Blend up on the shelves. Oscar and Gusti are the ones responsible for the blending this year and have been busy cupping new coffees, test roasting and probably drinking a tad too much coffee in the process. But their efforts were worthwhile and they did not disappoint. If you have´nt tried it yet, you better go get your bag before Christmas is over.

The beautiful design is also made inhouse ofcourse. Andrea has been very busy designing, printing and letterpressing the Christmas blend labels plus creating heaps of other christmas cards and WOW did they turned out cool. It has kinda made us all here at the Roastery want to send a bunch of Christmas cards to near and dear ones, just to show off how lovely these cards are. So if you haven't bought some yet, there is still time before Christmas and if you don't have time to stop by the shop almost all designs are also available in our webshop.

Now that we are getting closer to Christmas, our opening hours will be adjusted as usual. From December 13th to sometime after new year we will be open all days of the week, Monday-Sunday between 11-18. This means that there is no excuse to not stop by for a coffee sometime over the holidays!!!


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