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Monthly Journal - November 2022

Did we get our Snowember? Well maybe not in the village, but on the mountain its been filling up nicely for the winter and the ski conditions are already pretty good. The air is crispy cold and you can really feel it has shifted from autumn to winter now. Most of November has gone by with Engelberg being right in the middle or slightly above the fog. Luckily the days above the fog are more common or it clears up during the day. But if you really need a sunburst you can of course always take a lift above the clouds and suddenly you are in paradise.

For us November is usually all about Christmas preparations and this year was no different. In fact we might have exaggerated even more since we are catching up on the last two years of uncertainty due to the pandemic. Since the 23rd of November we have had full on Christmas at the Roastery | Papeterie and it's been busy like Santa's workshop... which happens to be this years theme for Christmas. Who knew Santa had his workshop up in a little cabin in the mountains with a view over Titlis? Our Christmas blend this year is all about fueling Santa and his helpers with a smooth, full bodied and cinnamon tasting coffee. The packaging shows "Tomteverkstan" (Santas workshop in Swedish) from the outside on the 750g bags and a sneaky peek from inside on the 250g bags. We hope you love it as much as we do? And if you haven't checked out the beautifully decorated shop yet, then its about time to do so... Christmas only lasts until Fasnacht (or does it really?) and our Christmas set up only lasts until a week or so after New Years. But of course we have some pictures to share here to get you into Christmas spirit.

Another big happening in November is that we welcomed our new team member India. She will be working full time in the shop from now on and we are so happy to have her onboard. Rumour has it she is already foaming the cappuccino milk like a pro barista so guess the rest of us will have some stiff competition in making the best latte art soon. A further introduction of her will be up shortly on our team page.

So what's next? Well, don't miss out on stopping by the Roastery | Papeterie on the 13th of December from 17:00 when we will be hosting one of the "Frauengemeindschaft Engelberg" Adventsfenster. Since the 13th of December is a very special day in Sweden we wanted to share some Sankta Lucia traditions here as well . We will serve Glögg, pepparkakor and of course Lussebullar and play some traditional Lucia songs. See you there!

And just incase this is the last post of the year...

Have a lovely holiday season filled with cheesy Christmas movies, loads of mulled wine, winter walks and skiing with friends. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a good start in 2023 from all of us at the Roastery | Papeterie Engelberg!


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