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Monthly Journal - November 2023

Updated: May 1

There were no drastic changes to any facial hair this Movember, but there was a big uptick in milkstaches.... maybe it has something to do with our easy access to the Christmas Blend? Hmmmm, what else is happening? The real question is where to start!? Winter has arrives! The leaves barely had time to change before they were covered with a blanket of white. Titlis and the locals have been taking advantage by getting in some good turns, even managing a few early powder ones! So needless to say there is a great atmosphere in town with more people coming to visit, and the return of après ski.

Town has been getting into the spirit aswell and from the 1st Advent the Winterlights will be shining for everyone to enjoy. You can learn about the towns

history while enjoying these beutiful scupltures from Coat of Arms to The History of Skiing and so much inbetween.

We have cards coming out our ears! Andrea and Annamarie have had their work cut out for them, no pun intended. With the huge increase in designing, printing, embossing, debossing, folding, cutting, and tying. Their hard works seems to have payed off as we all love the new Christmas Bend and Chocolate packaging! We even had a sneak peak at the Geisha box.... but more about that later.

The store is jam packed with new gear and equiptment! From Airscapes for coffee storage to new La Marzoccos home espresso machinges, scales, grinders and more we have everything to transform you into a home barista. And we are so excited that Sophia is now offering Barista Courses! She has chosen to do this course very hands on which means; "less power point - more smelling, tasting, feeling, testing, failing and trying again." You can book your yours through our events page :

Oh and there's new filter systems, mugs, kolidescopes.... well you get the idea. If we wrote down all the new things for this holiday season you would be stuck reading forever! So make sure to stop by the store, say hello, and take a look around, we cant wait to see you! Until then let's all cross our fingers for a winter filled with dry powder, blue skies, and great memories. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season with your families and friends!


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