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Monthly Journal - October 2021

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

So October came and went and gave us some beautiful autumn days. And as usual also gave us a pre taste of winter which was highly appreciated by all the ski-longing peeps in town. What can we say... October is probably one of the coolest months here since you can pretty much enjoy all seasons and sports during one month (and sometimes even in one day). Hike in 20degrees one day and then go skiing on the glacier the next day. Or why not ski pre-season glacier pow in the morning and go biking in the afternoon? Kind of like April but dressed in gold, red and orange. Just looking out of the window in the morning has been breathtaking this month since the colours keep changing from day to day and the mountain tops suddenly become covered in snow.

October is also the month when all the local cows gather for the annual beauty contest. Interesting to watch even if you have no clue about cows or what makes a cow stand out in beauty. Milk production? Biggest udder? Straight back? Yeah, not really sure how many different categories there are and how they actually judge the cows but one thing is for sure, its nice to see the cows all dolled up, drink a beer and then watch the best show... when the cows run wild to go home. Just remember to not wear white or any shoes that are hard to clean... the risk of stepping in cow dung is pretty high.

Oooh and we definitely can't forget to mention game season. We haven't tried eating game at all the restaurants in town, but to be fair, almost all of them... or at least all restaurants who really take pride in this season. Which one is the best? Well, we won't reveal our favourite so you'll have to test em all and decide for yourself. Not too bad of a mission for next Autumn? Let's just say all of the ones we have tested were well worth a visit. Some delivered extra good on the Pfeffer, others on the caramelized Marroni and one in particular has the best Spätzli in our opinion...

We look forward to hearing your reviews next year ;)


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