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BARISTA COURSE at Roastery Engelberg

Have we got NEWS for you!! You can now combine a day in the mountains with a fun Barista course!

Many years and many requests later we have FINALLY decided to offer a Barista course here at the Roastery. We are super excited to start teaching you all we know about coffee and all you need to know about coffee. Our goal is for you to walk out of the course and shine with all the interesting coffee facts you've learned, to be able to impress your work colleagues with a perfect Cappuccino and to have fun and just indulge yourself in coffee for a while.

For 2.5h Sophia will entertain, teach, show and inspire you to make delicious coffee. She has chosen to do this course very hands on which means; "less power point - more smelling, tasting, feeling, testing, failing and trying again". The course starts off with a classic coffee tasting/cupping session where we see, smell and taste the difference between arabica beans and robusta beans. Then we move on to the espresso machines and after a general introduction to the machine (how to clean and maintain) Sophia will show the basic tips and tricks in grinding, tamping, extracting and foaming milk perfectly. And after this the machines are all yours to test and learn on. In other words, learning by doing and getting those valuable inputs to help you get started. The success rate is high after 2.5h and we can almost guarantee that you will at least be able to do some kind of abstract latte art at the end of this course.

COURSE CONTENT: A beginners course for Coffee Enthusiasts and/or Gastro professionals or who want to enhance their coffee making skills and knowledge. This course introduces you to the world of coffee with interesting facts, a coffee tasting and a hands on introduction to the Espresso machine with basic latte art training.


Arabica vs Robusta tasting (45 min)

The Espresso Machine (45min)

Barista skills & Latte art (60min)


Our goal after this course is for you to

- be even more passionate about coffee than before

- see, smell and taste the difference between Arabica and Robusta

- be filled with new quirky and fun facts about coffee.

- feel comfortable handling and cleaning an espresso machine

- know how to make the perfect espresso

- know how to foam the perfect milk

- only be a couple of cappuccinos away from making some nice basic latte art

- know the most common coffees on a Café menu and how to prepare them.

- have had a hands on experience on a professional espresso machine

At the end of this 2.5h course you will walk out of here with a Roastery Engelberg Barista Basics Certificate (if you pass Sophias tough practical test of course).


199CHF per person

Go check out our Events here and book your spot :)


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