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Monthly Journal - April 2024

Updated: May 1

What a whirl wind of a month! We had a green Hahnen, blooming flowers and then all of the sudden we had over two meters of fresh snow! It was a crazy experience to have a quiet mountain and legendary snow... in APRIL! We were lapping with fresh tracks all day and even had the pleasure of enjoying a very snowy Engelberg. So while everyone was getting ready to switch to their respective summer activities, town became just too snowy. Leaving us with the luxurious problem of being forced to enjoy a few more powder laps before spring really kicked in.

While town was beginning to wind down before the summer season started, it was the perfect opportunity for us to get ahead of the game. Andrea created our summer line of cards

and Annamarie has already run them through the heidelberg. So we are well stocked on our classics and even have some new designs. Andrea was also able to create some new stencils for our silk printed cotton bags. We are loving the hot pink Dark Side! Have you seen it yet?

But all this aside maybe the most exciting news of all... Gustaf has a new unter uber maestro, Louis! A Swed by birth but an Engelberger by choice. He has lived here for over half his life. When he's not DJing at one of the local spots you can often find him in the mountains climbing or skiing, and now hanging out with Gustaf. They will be talking about everything coffee from here on out! From green beans, processing tactics, sampling and cupping, to roasting and blending. So if you haven't done so already make sure to come say hi!

What's on the agenda for May? On the 5th from 11-16 there is the Frühlings-Kinderfest at Hof Winkel. There will be painting, arts and crafts, ponies rides, and delicious food! At the end of the month, May 31st. to the 2nd of June, Bike Revolution will be coming back to Engelberg so make sure to sign up!

We are really looking forward to enjoying some fresh coffee with the smells and sounds of

spring, until next month...


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