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Monthly Journal - March 2024

The Easter Market was a big success! Thanks to the quick thinking of the Markt-Engelberg Team we were able to relocate from our usual Dorfstrasse location to the Kursaal. So while the wind whistled down the Main Street everyone was still

able to enjoy the market atmosphere inside with good vibes, music, food, and of course some delicious coffee… although we might be a little bias on that point!

We were even trying out some new latte art, when we had the time!

As most of you may know it was also the début of our new coffee, Early Bird! Named after those summer mornings in the mountain, headed for a peak you’ve been longing to conquer. This 100% Arabica is a medium/ light roast with a sweet dried fruit note. We think that your bag of trail-mix and a beautiful sunrise is the perfect pairing to enjoy with this blend.

But that just happened two days ago, so let’s look back to where the month started. Andrea transformed the shop window into a spring paradise creating a rainbow scene of coffee filter flowers.

This burst of colour extended into the

shop with new notebooks, pencil cases, and spring vibes. This seemed particularly fitting as some eager bikers have been spotted in and around town. There's even been hints of the climbing season starting with new carabiners left on the wall at Schlänggen. 

Now I know what you are thinking, but winter is far from over! The top of the mountain is still in full swing with over 3 meters of base. So nows the time of year where you can go enjoy some turns in the morning and get some kilometers in on the bike in the afternoon.

So whats to come in April? Will you be joining the Waterslide Contest by Jochpass next Saturday the 6th? It's always a fun time to see who makes it across and who goes for a little swim. You are able to register at Bärghuis Jochpass at 10am the same day for 10CHF registration fee. We can't wait to see the competition, costumes, and creativity. Till next month...


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