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Monthly Journal - July 2023

The flags are out, the booths are being constructed, and the festivities have begun. The 1st of August is here! But before we get into all the fun for the day lets take a quick look at everything July!

We had some true summer mountain weather as the locals Engelbergers were seen sporting everything from sundresses and swimsuits to rain jackets and sweaters... occasionally all at once. There was even a day where Hahnen and Wissberg had a light white dusting! All in all it has been perfect for those with a plethora of activities on their summer bucket list. Some warm days for swimming, cool for hiking, and some to remind you to appreciate the overhanging shelter provided by Schlaenggen, even when your muscles disagree!

In the shop we feel like our Molki-Stans Kalte Kafi is taking off as it has been flying out the door faster than we can get it in! So if you haven't had a chance to try it, make sure you ask about it quick! But don't worry we have increased our order so there should be enough for everyone!

As school holidays started this month we loved how lively the whole town has been! There were tiny bikers and adventurers all over enjoying the mountains to their full extent! It almost seems

as if we blinked and back to school preparations are underway. While we are not entirely sure where the time has gone, we are all stocked with planners, pencils, notebooks, and gummies to help set your kids up for the new year. We also have some tattoos and colouring supplies for anyone who might need a little extra help in the enthusiasm department. Returning to the shelves you can find our cotton bags! Did you know that the bags are hand printed in the Kontor by Andrea with our very own silk printer!

On Dorfstrasse there has been a lot of action! After quite a few year and loads of anticipation Hoheneck has reopened its doors! Now they are not only know for their ability to throw a great party but are becoming a premier afternoon pitstop for those looking for a sweet treat and some cozy outdoor seating.

Our personal favourite, of course, being their gelato paired with our Dark Side Espresso Blend making for the delicious Affogatos we never knew we were so desperately missing! Good think they are so close!

Now we are all caught up we can get into it! This morning we were woken up by some beautiful Alphorn music dancing its way through town to commence the celebrations! The booths are still being set up as the streets are filled with busy workers and curious spectators. We will be joining in the fun and are planning to open and celebrate along with everyone else!

Later in the month there will be the Rugghubel Race on Brunni followed by the Bergtrophy on Titlis. We are so excited to be apart of this years Bergtrophy and have already started preparing our coffee bags for the participants, so fingers crossed the weather is on our side! So with that I hope that you all have a lovely 1st of August and enjoy the party!


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