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Monthly Journal - October 2023

Well lets pick up right where we left off shall we? The Herbst Markt, what a great success! We feel like we say it all the time, but we feel so lucky to be a part of such a wonderful community! It’s always a pleasure to see the other vendors, their amazing products, and all the local and regional support. So as always a big big thank you to Markt Engelberg and everyone else who made this event possible! As you know this was also the debut of our new Blue Bird Blend. Try saying that five times fast! We are quite fond of its flavour profile with hints of blackcurrant rounded off with black tea notes. Its approachable acidity and delicate body will certainly set the mood for those perfect Blue Bird days. Some of us here in the shop have been drinking it everyday hoping to encourage the speedy return of winters blue bird powder days! While two weeks ago this felt like a far off dream, Autumn has since arrived, and this morning so did the snow! The colourful leaves are covered in snow, and skiing is set to open on the 18th of November.

Oscar, Gustaf, and Sofia all went to the Coffee Festival in Zürich and learned a lot about the upcoming trends. Their biggest take away was the uptick in fermented coffee beans. They even made sure to bring home some samples for the rest of us to try! Did you know that we currently carry a fermented bean? Our Costa Rica Coffee is anaerobically fermented and honey processed by Cordillera del Fuego! Then we lightly roast it to enhance the plum and caramel notes leaving a lingering cinnamon finish. As this is our specialty coffee its safe to say it's one of our favourites! Have you ever tried a fermented coffee? So what's to come in November besides snow, sledding, and skiing… ?

Andrea has just shown us the first sketch for the new Christmas Blend label. We might be a little bias, but it looks amazing and we can't wait to see the final design! Oscar and Gustaf have been perfecting the Christmas Blend and we are so excited to share it with all of you! If we have learned anything about Christmas over the years it’s that you can never be too prepared. So let the roasting begin… or more accurately continue!


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