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Monthly Journal - June 2023

It's summer and the waterfalls are here to prove it! We have had a great month filled with sunshine and BBQ weather in the day and the occasional evening thunderstorm making for cozy nights and rain filled lullabies.

As you know our spring sprucing began in May and has carried over to the start of June. Not only do we have a new amazing handmade window display, designed and constructed by Andrea,

there are also new products everywhere! From knives for mushroom hunters, to notebooks made of stone, others made of grass, to carabiners, stickers, and so much more! On the coffee side of things the big change is the Single Origin Peru is now on the shelves and ready for you to enjoy. We think this lightly roasted bean is best enjoyed as filter coffee as this brewing method helps to accentuate the delicious dark chocolate and fruity notes and allowing for a pleasant acidity

Behind the scenes we have been working on streamline the website to not only help people find what they are looking for faster but to reduce the loading speeds all together! We are currently working with offices, gastronomy, hotels, and retail companies throughout Switzerland and wanted to make it easier for new companies to learn about what we have to offer. So if this sounds like you head over to <> and get in touch for some free samples!

Looking into July there are some exciting events coming up! Ski Lodge Festival is from the 7th-9th with Dj’s and a selection of street food pop-ups to enjoy. We are particularly excited to see the live music as it is none other than our very own coffee roaster Gustaf! He will be preforming on 7th, so make sure to go listen and say hello!

Later in the month Globi and Schmuggli will be holding a Kinder Fest at their respective mountains, Brunni and Titlis, on the 22nd and the 23rd of July from 11-16. Between the bouncy castle, pony rides, and climbing at Brunni and the Schmuggli Adventure World at Trübsee it'll be hard to decide where to go first! To finish off the festivities both Schmuggli and Globi will meet in the village at Kurpark at 17:00 for the Zaubersocken show! I hope you are as excited about July as we are, until next month...


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