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Monthly Journal - May 2024

Engelberg cows

Have we ever had a May without snow? Well this year we actually didn't get any snow in the village in May but nonetheless some powdery pow on the mountain which meant that you could spot some happy ski faces around the village during those first couple of days in May when Titlis was still open for skiers. Other than that, May has been the month where it actually transitioned and became springtime for real. We had some classic grey, foggy, rainy days but suddenly everything turned really green, meadows were filled with flowers and the cows were out grazing the crispy grass in the village before they head up to their alps. Both Brunni and Fürenalp opened for the summer season in May which also sets the mood for a new season in the village.

La Marzocco home barista machine

So what have we been up to here at the Roastery? Well, we started off May with serving coffee at the Kinder-Frühlingsfest at Hof Winkel here in Engelberg. It was a super

well organized event with pony riding, kids gardening, bunny rabbits and baby goats to pet, great live music and even Schmuggli, the Titlis Mascot came for a visit. We were serving coffee all day and really got to test the capacity of the La Marzocco Linea Micra. Sophia was definitely kept busy making cappuccino after cappuccino on this stylish Home-Barista machine and had to admit it can and really does deliver even as a small event machine. Making coffee for a big dinner party at home... easy peasy with this gem of a machine! If you want to try it out for yourself, we have it available to test and play around with at the Roastery, don't be shy! On the 15th of June we will otherwise have a Drop in - Coffee Workshop where the door to our Barista course room will be open. There we will demonstrate all our home barista machines, coffeemakers, have coffee tastings and in general just talk coffee for anyone who feels like it. Don't forget to RSVP here.

Roastery Engelberg Halfcaff decaf coffee

The past couple of weeks we have also been busy with cupping and testing our new decaffeinated coffee from Peru and creating a halfcaff blend that will be coming very, very soon. We appropriately named it "River Side", inspired by the Aaschlucht leading down from Engelberg to Grafenort, where the water constantly flows, sometimes wild and sometimes slow and washes the mountains rocks into smooth stone formations and perfectly round pebbles. This HALFCAFF blend also has a strong water reference since it was created by combining a Swiss Water® Process Decaf from PERU with two amazing washed arabicas from GUATEMALA and ETHIOPIA. For us it also symbolizes the wild vs slow flow and the ability to customize your caffeine intake by drinking this excellent Halfcaff blend.

We'll let you know when its on the shelves and on the webshop. Right now we are still working on the design and above you see a little sneak peek of what the packaging might look like. Until then we wish you a good start into the first official Summer Month of 2024 and see you on the hiking and biking trails around Engelberg.


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