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Monthly Journal - October 2022

As promised in last months post, we are proud to present a potpourri of autumn coloured pictures this month. Weather wise it has been an incredible month, a proper Indian summer as one would call it. However, we don't really know if we (or the glacier for that matter) agree with the temperatures lately. Some days we have had up to 20 degrees Celsius here in Engelberg and that's on 1000+ meters over sea level. On the other hand we have had a pretty nice hiking season in shorts and T-shirt and haven't had to heat yet which saves money in times like these.

October is as usual a pretty eventful month in Engelberg. Not only because of the many visitors here for their "Herbstferien" but also because of October being a full on cow show as one might call it. Cows coming down from the mountain, cow convoys blocking the streets, the last cow dung being spread on the fields before winter, cows heading in to town for the annual beauty competition and cows finally getting some winter rest in their stable while their farmers attend different local and regional markets with one special product in focus... yes you probably guessed it... Cheese (mostly made from cow milk). So if you are a big fan of cows, Engelberg is definitely worth a visit in October.

Now that November is here we are just really longing for some snow. Just let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, not only for the Glacier and upcoming ski season but mainly so that we can get into that real Christmas mood and start decorating the shop for the season. We have already stocked up and are ready to go full on Christmas in a couple of weeks. The Christmas blend is almost ready to be launched and WOW wow wow are we in for a treat this year. Did you know that there is coffee that naturally has an extreme cinnamon taste? Well Sophia didn't and actually thought Oscar and Gusti had spiced her Café Latte with some cinnamon when they served her a coffee while they were test roasting one of the Christmas blend components. If you don't like cinnamon then maybe not the coffee for you, or maybe just the right experience to actually change your mind about cinnamon. Well, one thing is clear; it an experience and we can't wait for you to taste it.

So now, let pray for some snow and get this Winter season started!!


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